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Chavuma District is endowed with abundant natural resources which accords it a comparative district advantage as shown in the District resource inventory below: The many strategic water bodies (Rivers, streams, flood plains ETC.), The vast virgin arable lands for agriculture production, Availability of Oil and Mineral deposits, Good weather patterns favorable for farming, Potential development of tourism sites, Dumbos, Beautify seasonal sandy beaches, Variety of Fish species in the Zambezi River, Kashiji plains and other water bodies, Variety of flora and Fauna & Apiculture (Beekeeping).

With Zambia working towards shifting its economy from depending on Mining activities to diversifying in sectors such as agriculture and not just maize production, an investment in rice growing will significantly contribute to the agricultural and economic growth of the district and national at large. Read more

There are 76 fish farmers in Chavuma district. The major types of fish farmed include; Tilapia rendali, Tilapia machrochir, and Andersonii

         Fish Production and Food Package





Fish consumption per day

¼  kg / person




Current situation

Available amount of  fish per month(kg)

1 tonne

Optimum level

Fish production per day

500 kg

Existing production

Fish day

350 kg

Capacity  of production

No of fish farmers and fish folks

Producing /capturing  fish

200 farmers


Amount of fish


People with inadequate access

Amount of fish (kg)per day


tonnes/ year


People without


. Read more

Chavuma District has huge potential to invest in commercial livestock farming. Chavuma has many water bodies dotted around the district. These water bodies coupled by huge portions of land nearby present a favorable environment to venture in commercial livestock farming. The absence of sheep farming in the district gives a salient reason to exploit this investment option. Read more