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if you have any questions, please feel free to read through our FAQ to see the answer to your question.

How do I join the Chamber?

The first step in join the chamber is filling in the online form, with the following information, company documents, company information and contact person.

What documents are Needed to registration?

The following are the requirements for joining the Chamber; Company Profile, Copy of the Certificate of registration, Copy of Napsa Registration, Tax clearance Certificate and Workers Compensation

What are some of the membership categories?

The following are some of the membership categories we have; Micro Enterprise, Small Enterprise, Medium Enterprise, Large, Corporate Enterprise and Foreign Enterprise

Can I register Online?

We have a fully online, smart business portal were you can fill in the online registration form;

What is the registration procedure?

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benefits of being a chamber member

The benefits include but are not limited to receiving inquiries from kansashi, kalumbila mines and UNHCR. Enhance Networking, Facilitation of Investment Licenses (via ZDA) etc, Advocacy and Lobby for better tax incentives for International Companies and Market Linkages.