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Ikelenge District is the largest producer of sweet pineapples in Zambia. However, over 40% of pineapple produce goes to waste due to inadequate market and a result, farmers are exploited by briefcase buyers who buy pineapples at as low as K1 per pineapple of an average 1.5 kilograms. Investment in pineapple processing coupled with improved farming methods that would ensure an all year round harvesting would greatly improve the local economy.

There is high potential of mining in the District which prospective investors can take advantage of despite the fears that such activities

The District is endowed with the following mineral deposits:

  1. Copper
  2. Cobalt
  3. Gold
  4. Nickel
  5. Uranium


Some prospects have been carried out by:

  • Jimbe Minerals Ltd
  • Prospects/Licenses explorations of Nickel, Gold, Cobalt, Uranium and Copper carried out by Rio Tinto & partners, Vale (Z) Ltd, Copperzone Resources Ltd, Headframe Resources (Z) Ltd in Chitunta plains (Mundongu Village).


However, the major concern of the community is the fear of drying up of the Zambezi River Basin which could adversely affect the entire SADC Region. Hence, should there be need to open up any mine, an in-depth ground water analysis must be conducted

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The District has potential for livestock farming like goats and sheep which fetch good market, and prices in the neighboring Angola and D.R. Congo. There is plenty arable land for pasture for this investment and so far the district has over 15, 000 goats among small scale farmers. Further, the district boasts of abundant fresh water with 500 fish ponds lying idle with no fish stocks. There is need to invest in this sector as fish is highly consumed in the district. Investment in a hatchery and restocking exercise would greatly improve the economy.  Read more

Ikelenge District is endowed with various tourism sites which can boost the economy. Notable tourist attractions that need marketing are:

  1. The Zambezi source
  2. Zambezi Rapids
  • Lwakela and Mpola Water Falls
  1. Bird Sanctuaries – Important Bird Areas (IBAs) (Forbes Pluver & Grimwods)
  2. Mukang’ala Trenches (Used by Mwatayanvwo warriors)
  3. Meteorite Hole
  • Crafts work and Basketry


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