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Districts: Kalumbila, Mushindamo, Chavuma, Kabompo, Manyinga, Kasempa, Mufumbwe, Mwinilunga, Ikelenge,
Solwezi and Zambezi.

Solwezi is a mining town. As of 2015, the town was still developing, with infrastructure development running behind the swelling population. At that time, only the main street, Independence Road was named. Many of the other streets were un-named and unpaved. Copper is the main mineral extracted although cobaltgold and uranium is also mined in the area. Read more

Kalumbila district has a population of 85, 505 of which 42, 548 are males and 42, 957 females according to the 2010 census of Housing and population and 142, 444 according to the 2018 National Demographic Survey. It is worth mentioning that these statistics may not depict the true picture on the ground as there has been a drastic increase in the District population with the opening of Lumwana Mining Company and Kalumbila Minerals Limited in 2007 and 2015 respectively which has attracted many people to the area who may have come either to seek employment or do business. Read more

Agricultural, Mining and trade gateway to Congo. Read more

havuma District is endowed with abundant natural resources which accords it a comparative district advantage as shown in the District resource inventory below: The many strategic water bodies (Rivers, streams, flood plains ETC.), The vast virgin arable lands for agriculture production, Availability of Oil and Mineral deposits, Good weather patterns favorable for farming, Potential development of tourism sites, Dumbos, Beautify seasonal sandy beaches, Variety of Fish species in the Zambezi River, Kashiji plains and other water bodies, Variety of flora and Fauna & Apiculture (Beekeeping). Read more

Ikelenge District is the largest producer of sweet pineapples in Zambia. However, over 40% of pineapple produce goes to waste due to inadequate market and a result, farmers are exploited by briefcase buyers who buy pineapples at as low as K1 per pineapple of an average 1.5 kilograms. Investment in pineapple processing coupled with improved farming methods that would ensure an all year round harvesting would greatly improve the local economy. Read more

Rice production and Processing. Read more

Manyinga District formerly known as Kabompo East Constituency is the central most part of the new Mining Region of Zambia. It is 730 kilometers North West of Lusaka and also 350km from Solwezi. As a new district created in 2013, Manyinga has a well-planned Central Business District that is green and beautiful. Once fully exploited, the town will offer a wide array of benefits to investors from fertile land for crop production, manufacturing, service industry and educational institutions. Read more

Timber/honey production. Read more

Solwezi beans production. Read more

Timber/honey production. Read more

Pineapple growing and processing, Livestock. breeding, milk collection, Solwezi beans production. Read more