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Kalumbila district has a population of 85, 505 of which 42, 548 are males and 42, 957 females according to the 2010 census of Housing and population and 142, 444 according to the 2018 National Demographic Survey. It is worth mentioning that these statistics may not depict the true picture on the ground as there has been a drastic increase in the District population with the opening of Lumwana Mining Company and Kalumbila Minerals Limited in 2007 and 2015 respectively which has attracted many people to the area who may have come either to seek employment or do business.

The primary objective of this project is to provide decent housing accommodation and support infrastructure to the residents of Kalumbila (Community members, employees in the mines, Government officials and those from other institutions operating in the District etc.) Read more

Kalumbila District falls in the agro-ecological region III of the country with rainfall above 1000 mm per annum and is endowed with abundant arable land, a lot of water bodies (Mutanda, Mumbezhi and Kabompo rivers to mention but a few) and good pasture land, thus giving it a high potential zone for crop and vegetable production, aquaculture and livestock farming and value-addition. The target market for the agriculture products is the mines (through ATS Lumwana and Kalumbila) and the general members of the community. Read more

Kalumbila District, as exhibited by the rapid growth in the mining activities, is a new destination for domestic and foreign investment in Zambia. Mining and agriculture are the key economic activities in the District but these cannot be fully developed without decent housing and support infrastructure. That is the more reason to why the District is inviting potential investors to come in the District. The Local Authority remains committed to guaranteeing a conducive environment for the would-be investors. Read more