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Mwinilunga District is located between latitudes 11 and 13 degrees South and longitudes 24 and 25 degrees East at an altitude of 1,354 meters above sea level. It is the second largest district in North – Western Province 286km from the provincial capital (Solwezi) and 872km from the National Capital (Lusaka) and covers an area of 18,763 km2 square kilometres. The district has two international borders with DR. Congo on the north and Angola on the west, and shares boundaries with five districts - Kalumbila in the east, Mufumbwe in the south, Kabompo and Manyinga in the south - west, and Ikelenge in the north - west.


3.1  Copper Production

Areas: Chibwika  and Sailunga

3.2  Cobalt

Areas: Sailunga  and Chibwika

3.3  Gold

Areas: Sailunga  and Chibwika

3.4 Green Tourmaline

Area: Sailunga

3.5  Quartz

Areas: Kanyama and Chibwika

3.6 Amethyst

Area: Kanyama

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2.1 Pineapple Production

Areas: Kanyama, kanongesha, Kakoma  and Sailunga

2.2 Fish Farming

Area: Entire District

2.3 Livestock Farming

Area: Entire District

2.4 Poultry Farming

Area: Entire District

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2.1 Game Ranching

Areas: Ntambu, kanongesha, Kakoma  and Sailunga

2.2 Chibesha Dam

Area: Kakoma

2.3 Nyambwezu Falls

Area: Sailunga

2.4 Nyambwezu Caves

Area: Sailunga

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Honey Production

1.1  Honey Production

Areas: Kamapanda, Kanongesha, Samuteba, Kakoma, Kanyama  Sailunga and Chiseng’iseng’i

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