Investment Opportunities in Solwezi

Solwezi is the provincial capital of the mineral-rich North-Western Province.

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Solwezi is a mining town. As of 2015, the town was still developing, with infrastructure development running behind the swelling population. At that time, only the main street, Independence Road was named. Many of the other streets were un-named and unpaved. Copper is the main mineral extracted although cobaltgold and uranium is also mined in the area

The district is rich in several minerals – copper, iron, gold, uranium, cobalt, and manganese, to name but a few. The district encourages investments in processing of copper within the district. In support of Government policy on Diversification, exploitation and processing of other minerals is highly recommended. Read more

About 88% of the population in Solwezi is engaged in informal agriculture (LCMS, 2012). It is for this reason that district has embraced agriculture, the most promising sector for employment creation and food security. Districts have also recognised the importance of stepping up to agro-processing and value addition for crops and livestock products. This would create employment and increase earnings. Read more

With the boom in population, the hospitality industry has been very supportive in the provision of accommodation to travellers and newcomers. This has triggered a pull effect for agricultural and livestock products such as vegetables and eggs. However, for the tourism industry to grow, it is imperative that farmers can supply more of their produce on demand. This calls for a more robust agricultural industry. The importance of the tourism sector can therefore not be ignored as it provides market for agricultural produce. Read more